As an active designer and creator, I always look for new opportunities to learn and discover something new. Within my last years of creation I've participated and curated design events, met new talented people - got feedback from audience who has visited exhibitions and experienced my design work.
Design curator
Curator and and design manager, Shenkar's M.des department, 2019, 
Ramat Gan.
Design curator
Gathering Exhibition, Shenkar's M.des department, 2019, Ramat Gan.
Milano Design Week
Representing Israel with Alice in Wonderland and Svetlana - Longing for an extinct house, 2019 Milano, Italy.
Alice in Wonderland, 2018, Tel Aviv.
World of Alice video work, represented at the entrance of exhibiton
Group Exhibitor
Message on a Bottle, Illustration Week 2017, Tel Aviv
Group Exhibitor
​​​​​​​Art&Culture, 2016, Tel Aviv.


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