Navin is an indoor social navigation platform (like WAZE - just in buildings). Without any internet connection or cellular data Navin knows users precise location. This service can be super useful within malls or big buildings. 
During COVID-19 outburst Navin has created Lantern: a sub-product which tracks medical staff within hospitals to keep them safe from infected patients.​​​​​​​

As my first mission, was to suggest a new design approach an existing UI. I've made this concept within few hours and we proceeded design process from this point
In pandemic crisis times, Navin provides an Indoor medical team tracker service inside hospitals, to insure everyone's security. Instead of sending the whole staff to isolation, we can know exactly how many people interacted with COVID-19 carrier. 

The challenge
1. Working under MVP approach and provide slim, fast and intuitive version within short amount of time.
2. Adjusting solutions on-the-go based on markets needs and feedback.
3. Quick UX decision taking.
Turn the lantern ON.
To encourage users to collaborate with the tracking system, I've suggested to use light as guidance terminology. By giving user a familiar term from the physical world, I expect maximum cooperation and barrier removal.
Style Guide
Admin's dashboard should provide detailed information about who was around COVID-19 patient, in which distance, for how long and on which date. 
The challenge
​​​​​​​1. To formulate and direct marketing needs to promote N.I.Ts product and service, based on client expectations. 
2. Based on our target audience most popular use-case create visual-communicating storyboard, in order to help conveying about benefits of N.I.T product in pandemic crisis times.
3. Create a unique design-language within short amount of time.
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